In 2016, PWGrrrlGang began as a Twitter hashtag to connect marginalized wrestling fans, promote open discussions of fan experiences, and connect individuals looking to avoid attending live indie wrestling events alone.

After months of hearing feedback on what was lacking in the community, and what we could do to assist fans who are people of color, part of the LGBTQ community, and women, we decided to turn the PWGrrrlGang hashtag into a charitable project.

On January 10th, 2017, a shop will launch on the What A Maneuver website. There, you will find the original “All Inclusive All Together PWGRRRLGANG” design for sale on a variety of products. The proceeds from these items will benefit the very community they represent.

Currently, PWGrrrlGang is affiliated with several wrestling promotions in three countries. These promotions will provide group seats, and our organization will provide a “host” as well as covering the cost of admission so that ANYONE who feels unsafe/uncomfortable attending an indie show in their city alone can go and enjoy live wrestling with the PWGrrrlGang backing them up. More on that program can be found under the “Indie Alliance” tab.

Our future goals are always changing, as we listen to the feedback from you, the members of our community. Right now, our focus is providing positive experiences for fans. We also hope to support the performers as well, as our long-term goals include setting up a scholarship for future women wrestlers to train at quality schools. For now, know that every item purchased from our WAM store is providing a ticket & an opportunity to enjoy wrestling in a place where a fan – any fan and every fan – is welcome.

All of the participating promotions are currently listed on our “Affiliated” tab, along with contact info for each. These promotions have assured us that anyone who attends their events can reach out if anything should happen that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Should you, for any reason, prefer not to speak directly to the promotions, you can also send us a message and we will let the promoters know about your experience to protect your anonymity. You can do that using our “Contact” tab.

Finally, you can check out our “Calendar” tab for all of the upcoming events being held by participating promotions. Events where the PWGrrrlGang is hosting a block of seats are clearly marked, as not every event for every promotion will have seats available through this group. If you wish to volunteer in any way, or if you regularly attend/run a promotion you feel is an inclusive space that PWGrrrlGang should support, feel free to drop us a line. We are happy to expand our community and bring more awesome wrestling fans and incredible wrestling together.

Inside & Outside of the Squared Circle – All Inclusive, All Together.